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Below are instructions to help protect your GardenStone Planters, Benches, Birdbaths and Fountains. These pieces will remain beautiful for years to come if the following guidelines are utilized.

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Planting Option

4 Steps To Plant Your Gardenstone Planter

Place planters on small risers or decorative risers to allow for proper drainage. Water must be able to escape the planter.

Fill planters a minimum of 2/3 full, with a clear gravel or aggregate ¾" or larger. This will weight the bottom of the planter to prevent tipping and provide adequate drainage.

Filter cloth can be placed on top of the gravel to prevent soil from draining through the bottom drainage hole and /or clogging the aggregate.

Soil can then be put on top of the filter cloth and gravel, or for better results, have arrangement planted separately in a plastic container and place on top of filter cloth and gravel.

Winter Care

Your planter should have risers beneath them to ensure drainage hole does not freeze against the ground surface, as well as to remain above the frost line to prevent damage to the bottom of the planter. Planters should also be 2/3 full of ¾ or larger stone (used for drainage) to avoid a large amount of moist soil from freezing and expanding. Ensure planters are kept clear from harsh salts and chemicals, as these may damage the stains and/or concrete.

Fountains and Birdbaths must be fully drained and free of water before freezing weather occurs. It is essential that any pumps be brought in for the winter or completely dried within the fountain. If the pump is going to be left within the fountain, after removing all moisture, a fountain cover must be used. Fountain covers can be used for fountains and birdbaths – these covers are made with a specialty material that is one-way breathable – allows moisture to escape but no moisture to enter the fountain/birdbath. *Fountain Covers available upon request.

Benches should have small risers beneath them to ensure the legs remain above the frost line to prevent damage to the bottom of the legs - it is important that bench not be placed directly on soil for this same reason. We recommend that benches be covered for the winter season for the utmost protection.


To restore the luster of GardenStone's Bronze and Black Stains – White vinegar can be used to wipe clean Planters, Fountains, Birdbaths and Benches with a soft cloth.